Curriculum Focus:

  • learning through play
  • music & art
  • self help skills
  • making friends / cooperation
  • social development
  • shape, color, number recognition
  • hands on activities
  • independence & responsibility
  • handwriting & story telling
  • phonics & sight words
  • simple math & writing
  • rules & decision making
  • feelings & sharing
  • new technology
  • field trips
  • craft projects

Our Dedicated Staff:

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"Continuing a Legacy of Providing Quality Pre-Kindergarten Education & Care to the Youth of Vermilion Parish"

Annual Schedule: The Center follows the Vermilion Parish School Board calendar which begins in July and ends in June. The Center is closed in the month of July. The Center is open August through May for business and closed for Independence Day, Labor Day, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Mardi Gras Break, Spring Break, & Memorial Day. Summer Camp is typically held for 4 weeks in June.

Curriculum: The LeBlanc Center for Learning adheres to Early Learning & Development Standards These standards are divided into 5 parts: Approaches to Learning, Cognitive Development & General Knowledge, Language & Literacy Development, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, & Social-Emotional Development. These 5 parts are further organized by age group: Birth to 3-year-old children, 3-year-old children, & 4-year-old children.

Children are regularly exposed to music, art, computer-aided instruction, pre-reading activities, pre-writing activities, and math-readiness activities.  Our program is goal directed, and children are continuously challenged by these specific learning goals which we have set for them: (1) In order for the children to begin to read and perform other academic tasks, they must first gather meaning from the world and develop an awareness of concepts. (2) In order to gather meaning from the world children must have many satisfying sensory and sensory motor experiences—they must touch, feel, smell, hear, and see. The program we pursue is geared toward helping children develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening.  It gives them an awareness of their own feelings and of their right to express those feelings.  A program like ours prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks in a playful environment.

Extra-Curricular Activities, Field Trips, & Fundraisers: The Center plans several extra-curricular activities, field trips, & community fundraisers throughout the year. Some examples of activities include: Fire Department fieldtrip, Zoosiana fieldtrip, Easter Picnic, Backyard Party, Christmas Party, Thanksgiving Play, and Vermilion Parish Library Book Readings. The Annual St. Jude Trike-a-Thon Charity Fundraiser and Christmas Raffle are fundraising events to earn money for specific improvements or classroom equipment.

Enrichment activities are fun & helps students to become more engaged in their learning and retain more information. Enrichment programs are typically interactive, project focused, and challenge students to use old concepts in new ways, while bringing new concepts to light.